Mental Health App



With mental health becoming a more prominent conversation in today’s society, people are looking for tools and practices that can support their mental well-being. People track their steps and water intake, they monitor their sleep and screen time but rarely do they track how they feel on a daily basis. Apps in this category tend to be overly complicated, cluttered, and tedious to keep up with. Looking for a better way, architect and designer Gareth Dauncey came to us to create a platform that offers deep insight into your mental health over time. He developed the idea from his own experience with depression, and by tracking his daily moods with a calendar and colored pens, he began to find valuable correlations in his life that most affected his ability to be happy.

Together we created Mood – one tap a day tracks your daily mood and visualizes it – the lighter the color, the lighter the mood. You learn to see your life not just from day to day, but over weeks, months, and years. We kept the design clean, simple, and extremely easy to use. Gareth knew that the people who would need this app most would also need the practice to be effortless to keep the habit.

See how you feel:

Graphic Designer – app design and UI/UX.

Client & Collaborator: Gareth Dauncey
Agency: Red & Co.
Year: 2022
Art Director: Zorica Radovic
Design Director: Marco Murillo